Friday, March 1, 2013


N a r c i s s u s__P o e t i c u s

راز دل چون نهان كنم از اشك

همه بر روي آب مي‌بينم

بي تو, تو را در خواب مي‌بينم

يا به شب، آفتاب مي‌بينم

با که گویم غم تو ؟ که از غم تو همه عالم خراب میبینم

منم امروز كه از پس عمري

آن نرگس تورا بخواب مي‌بينم

 ......I still see your eyes ( as two Nargis flowers) in my dreams

* Narcissus Poeticus (Poet's Daffodil, Nargis, Pheasant's Eye, Findern Flower, and Pinkster Lily) was one of the first daffodils to be cultivated, and is frequently identified as the narcissus of ancient times - often associated with the Greek legend of Narcissus-( Narcissus, was punished by the Goddess of vengeance, Nemesis, who turned him into a Narcissus flower that historians associate with Narcissus Poeticus)- Extremely fragrant, with a ring of petals in pure white and a short corona of light yellow with a distinct reddish edge.While all narcissi are poisonous when eaten, Narcissus Poeticus is more dangerous than others.

**  The lyrics are in Persian.


Anonymous said...

Καλή άνοιξη !

Εκείνη... said...


Καλή Άνοιξη

Η μάγισσα...

Ο Έρωτας..

Ο έρωτας,
όνομα ουσιαστικόν,
πολύ ουσιαστικόν,
ενικού αριθμού,
γένους ούτε θηλυκού ούτε αρσενικού,
γένους ανυπεράσπιστου.
Πληθυντικός αριθμός,
οι ανυπεράσπιστοι έρωτες.

~Κική Δημουλά


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