Saturday, January 2, 2010


I used to walk in circles around the corners of my mind..

Trying to understand,
figure out
the reasons

when all I had to do was to dive into the blue,
swim with the dolphins and mermaids..
ride the crystal ship in my head
and take the journey into your blue sea..

Blue scented mysteries unfold
as You unfold the secrets..
My secrets.

Drinking down your vocabularies,
your words,
your whole existance.
Taking small bites of your mystery fruits..
sour and sweet creating new visions in my head..

.. and I watch the secrets explode..

The fear.
The pain.
The grey.

[Remember, when you said no fear?]

it's gone.
I pushed my hand over it's down.
it's gone.

But you know this already...

Glazed and heated you put my senses on fire..
I must breathe..
I shouldn't forget how to do that..
My chest is eager to tell you its stories.

Would you listen?

and I promise to teach you how to breathe underwater..
nice and slow..

Do you see what you're doing to me?
wipe the ink of my mouth..
it drips sensations..

you do this to me quite frequently..

my peace is found here..
in the light..
in the erotic patterns you draw..

Thank you for you sprinkled my life in fairydust..
Thank you for you took me back to the rainforest..

Thank you for everything you are and everything that I am since I met you.

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Η μάγισσα...

Ο Έρωτας..

Ο έρωτας,
όνομα ουσιαστικόν,
πολύ ουσιαστικόν,
ενικού αριθμού,
γένους ούτε θηλυκού ούτε αρσενικού,
γένους ανυπεράσπιστου.
Πληθυντικός αριθμός,
οι ανυπεράσπιστοι έρωτες.

~Κική Δημουλά


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